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About Kevin

♠ Kevin Hanson lives in Philadelphia where he enjoys an active career as a performer, composer, recording artist, and record producer. In high demand as a fiercely original and creative force, Kevin is at home playing many styles including, but not limited to, rock, hip-hop, jazz, blues, Latin, and orchestral music.  He has performed with artists ranging from Jay-Z and The Roots to Bernadette Peters and The Philadelphia Chamber Orchestra.  His original band, The Fractals, records in performs on the east coast.  Kevin has been a member of the guitar faculty of The University Of The Arts since 2008.

♠The Fractals co-write and record the theme for the Aqua Teen Hunger Force motion picture.  Heavy Rotation, The Fractals’ first full-length album is released in 2010.

♠ Kevin begins recording and performing with The Roots, and through this affiliation appears as a band member in Jay-Z’s Fade To Black concert at Madison Square Garden, and Dave Chappelle’s Block Party.   Record dates include Jill Scott,  The Roots, and The Isley Brothers. Kevin tours and performs with Musiq Soulchild  and The Jazzyfatnastees, and records on dozens of independently released and major label albums.

♠ Through his songwriting and recording work with producers Dre and Vidal, Kevin plays guitar on many major label R&B tacks and co-writes the Usher song, “Hush”.

♠Huffamoose forms and quickly wins over audiences across the country.  The band tours relentlessly and performs at Woodstock ’94.  They sign with Interscope Records shortly thereafter.  The band performs on Late Night with Conan O’Brien in 1998.  Kevin’s original composition, Wait reaches #16 on Billboard’s Modern Rock chart.

♠ The Kevin Hanson Trio releases the album, Bullseye, in 2001.  The band performs and records for the next few years as The Fractals, and keyboardist Mike Frank joins the band in 2010.

Early Years
♠Kevin was born and raised in Spokane, Washington.  He began playing trumpet and guitar at age 10, and was soon performing professionally as a guitarist in various jazz groups.  In 1991, he moved to Bellingham, WA to study with bassist/composer Chuck Israels at Western Washington University.  Israels was offered a postion at Temple University the following year, and Kevin made with move to Philadelphia with the Israels family.

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Kevin is available to lend his talents as a songwriter, studio guitarist, record producer, private instructor, and performer for tours and private

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